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Yes, the IRS really, really loves you.
Jesus implores people not only to be generous, but to overturn oppressive systems that create inequality in the first place.
It wasn’t all unrelenting doom and gloom in 2017.
I know it’s popular to believe that the private sector is a paragon of efficiency and government is simply waste, fraud and abuse, but it is simply not true.
by Emma Leathley For the past three years, American Commitment, a small nonprofit with ties to the donor network spearheaded
Finding what you're passionate about will make all the difference.
Preserving Net Neutrality is essential to social impact.
Almost all of those online donation platforms charge administrative fees.
We are creating inclusive programs and services that reflect our diverse member population.
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By Andrew Perez and Margaret Sessa-Hawkins, MapLight A dark money organization that has spent millions to finance conservative
League leadership has spoken out against ongoing kneeling protests during the national anthem.
The new legislation could let clergy endorse political candidates.