Reciting the pledge can certainly be a patriotic act, but so can fighting against religious intrusion into our government.
On some level, I believed atheism was hereditary. That the composition of my DNA couldn't produce anything other than me. And so, when my first daughter was born, I made a conscious effort to introduce her to religion. I wanted to make sure that whatever beliefs she formed, they were of her own making, not mine.
The Upstate Atheists responded by setting up shop across the street from the soup kitchen and handing out 300 care packages
I believe that some people, when they undergo the process of death, get to experience the shutting down of the brain that feels like overwhelming euphoria. It's what people describe when they have a "near-death experience." It sounds awesome.
We need a nonbelievers' rights movement that will encourage more people to come out of the closet and help free the country -- and the world -- from destructive sectarian conflict.
A new poll reveals that a record number of Americans now consider themselves unaffiliated with any particular religion. If you want to understand the reasons behind this trend, read the letter that Twin Cities Catholic Archbishop John Nienstedt sent to the mother of a gay son.
As I sat in my study at home one day with my head in my hands, God said, "I will take care of you." That voice spoke. My brain registered the exact words.
She began her letter by stating that the book I just purchased from her contained within its pages a philosophy that she adamantly disapproved of. She then proceeded to regale me with the story of how, one blessed day, she received a personal visit from her Lord and Savior.
A group of self-described Godless Americans is defying predictions of the Rapture to kick off a new campaign this week against
Perhaps a new tradition speaks more clearly to them. Perhaps they return to their original religion but in a different, and often more committed, way than when they were young.
Between 1990 and 2008, the number of nonreligious Americans nearly doubled, from 8 percent to 15 percent, according to the
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama has burnished his Christian credentials, courted Jewish support and preached outreach
At the Center for Constitutional rights, forty people gathered to watch the inauguration, pleased to witness Bush's departure. "Don't let the rotor blades hit you on the way out," warned CCR's database manager.