The race's organizers say nonbinary athletes won't have to register with the men's or women's divisions and provided qualifying times to guide their training.
The Film Independent Spirit Awards is one of the largest Hollywood award bodies to shift to gender-neutral acting categories.
Here's what an LGBTQ+-affirming doctor looks like, and how to find one for your child.
"When I was 12, my dad developed lung cancer. I felt sad to watch him suffer so much from ultimately futile treatments — but the weaker he got, the less afraid I felt."
Laws restricting abortion rights and trans rights are inextricably linked, advocates say.
While the sentiment is appreciated, it's time to protect Black and brown queer women and femmes.
"On our second sext date, when Étienne revealed that he wanted me to penetrate him with my dildo, I was ecstatic."
Bretten Hannam's acclaimed drama can be screened virtually this week as part of the NewFest Pride series. It premieres June 24 on Hulu.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the shift will “better serve all U.S. citizens, regardless of their gender identity.”
“It’s been a really long journey for me, embracing my gender,” pairs skater Timothy LeDuc said.