As we come to the end of this series on the state of philanthropy, we want to turn away from the analysis and move to the proactive question: "Where do we go from here?"
For the third straight year, we reached out to the nonprofit organizations in the Idealist community and asked them about their funding situations, recruitment plans, and compensation projections.
At the core of relevancy is the basic understanding that the audience for the brand really matters, not the other way around. In an age of supporter shift, nonprofits must figure out how to make their brand promise relevant to different generations that have varying needs and perspectives.
So, now that we've covered the evolution of branding and what a brand is, let's take a look at the importance of having a living brand.
The effective use of data is paramount in nonprofit operations and in the way they tell their story to you, the supporter. Have you heard a good story lately? Chances are, it had good data backing it up.
The nonprofit sector is filled with people who have good hearts, who believe in service and sacrifice. There is a shared belief in the importance of the work, whatever form the work takes.
The next ten years, I hope, will be better than the last for New Yorkers, especially those in our underserved communities. To put us on the right track I want to highlight five goals for 2010.
The jobless rate is at a 16-year high and we are seeing an ever-increasing demand for basic human services nonprofits provide as families lose their health care or their homes.