Nonviolent resistance

He also praised Minnesota supporters' "good genes," adding, "A lot of it is about the genes," in a troubling, disjointed rally speech.
Delhi police fired tear gas and beat demonstrators on the third day of what had been peaceful protests against the new law granting citizenship based on religion.
Administrators, coaches, media, the public -- all of us must stop drawing arbitrary boxes around black athletes and insisting they stay in them.
The man challenging Ted Cruz for Senate earned national praise for his speech on kneeling during the anthem and the power of peaceful protest.
The organization said it would continue to protest the Dolphins and the NFL while players kneel.
Student walkouts for gun control have gone nationwide following the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
That's a terrible weight, isn't it? Sadly, we don't get to choose what history we're a part of. Sometimes we just happen
Once more, we must courageously embrace Nonviolence 365, which is based on my father's nonviolent philosophy and methodology, as the answer to the "crucial political and moral questions of our time," and not as a mere response to incidents but as a lifestyle and a force for good that permeates our culture, including our media and entertainment.
Members of ISIS remain human beings and we need to respond in a more effective, healthy, and humanizing way, less we repeat the damage of the 2001 and 2002 AUMF's.
The choice of methods that favored strategic nonviolent resistance in confronting brutal adversaries ultimately increased the chances of these nations to prevail and usher them into successful democratic transition.
In the case of the Islamic State, the question we need to ask is: What can we do to make things right? What can we do to protect the vulnerable? What can we do to stop the violence?
I love this picture. I've been showing it in my classes for more than a decade. But why in the world would I -- an activist committed to consistent nonviolence -- appreciate a portrayal of Jesus that is blended with Che Guevara?
This 50th anniversary reminds me that in the David-and-Goliath-like battle that pitted Martin Luther King, Jr., school children and the best of the Civil Rights movement against the Ku Klux Klan and white racists -- active nonviolence can transform anything.
Clearly, violence is also not the answer, neither on the government's part nor on the part of disgruntled citizens. Violence only leads to more violence. So where does this leave us?
Dr. King was a living example of the kind of person who encourages the moral arc of history to bend toward justice. He is also an example of the only effective way to bend that arc: nonviolently.
If Jesus' preaching of an imminent kingdom sounded too political, it would arouse Roman concern. Jesus probably did not simply predict his death: He provoked it.
Nonviolence in the Middle East sounds idealistic to be sure; and to some, dangerously naive. But think of the alternative.
It has now become clearer to me than ever before that the challenge confronting the world is to find innovative forms of verbal and written communication to enable us to resolve disputes nonviolently.
Ahmed Salah, an Egyptian journalist and activist who had survived torture while incarcerated in jail for pushing against the regime, brought his mission to the United States.
What makes the Egyptian youth revolution so beautiful, wonderful, absorbing, hypnotizing and inspiring is that they did it