Noor Tagouri

Yahya's last answer was a sobering reminder that what we accomplished was remarkable-indeed I had never quite witnessed something like that in my life. Yet it was a drop in the bucket to what is ever-desperately needed-and what people suffering in Syria and around the world deserve.
The journalist shares how the experience helped her reclaim her identity and fight Islamophobia.
Bette Davis, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali...all transcendental figures who have been interviewed by Playboy magazine. Now 23 year old Noor Tagouri, the first American Muslim hijabi to become an anchorwoman, has recently had her own groundbreaking interview with Playboy.
The magazine hails the "badass activist with a passion for demanding change."
Tagouri uses her role as an inspirational figure to educate others on various types of social issues, such as racism, mental illness and trafficking.
Human trafficking is a global problem affecting thousands of men, women, and children each year.  
Story telling is an art. It is the power of words and images, used to provoke thought, feeling and conversation. That is
CBS Radio's community and public affairs director, Justine Love, agreed. She had seen an 18-year-old Tagouri give a spoken
Zelenik, executive director at the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, personally attacked Tagouri several times on camera while
Noor Tagouri, a journalism student at the University of Maryland, joins HuffPost Live to respond to the criticism she received from Lou Ann Zelenik