A New York commission dropped its formal proceedings against Kyle R. Canning after he agreed never to seek or accept judicial office in the future.
"Many folks are in denial about the extent to which racism exists in our country in 2019. Just ask a Black Person. They will tell you stories."
A runoff election will decide if Mike Espy, a black man, can defeat Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith.
He was arrested Tuesday after he put up a sign in front of his home that read "Got rope?"
"One hundred fifty years after Abraham Lincoln's death, we are still going through this kind of atrocities," neighbor Mary
"To the cowards of Duke University, we are not afraid. We stand together," Jamal Edwards, a junior and the president of the
When his boss tossed the noose into his hands, Mikel Neal, a black firefighter in Marion, Ind., had two thoughts. First, was
A federal grand jury indicted a student at the University of Mississippi on two separate civil rights charges on Friday for
“I came to Ole Miss because it is not perfect, but it deserves to be. It is a work in progress. I came to Ole Miss because
The radio show "NPR StateImpact" in Texas first reported the story Thursday. Smitherman and his staff could not be reached
Woman Impales Empty Chair With Bayonet, 'Lynches' It In Anti-Obama Display
"If it is causing this much attention, then that’s good," Tom Savka told NBC affiliate WGBA in response to reports that his
A maintenance worker is suing his employer, claiming he was subject to harassment that included displays of shackles and
"Once everyone found out that it was a hoax, and it was just a girl trying to get attention, I think everyone kind of just
It's not yet clear what caused the incident, according to DNAinfo, or if there were any disputes between workers who have
Whatever happened on Columbia's campus was no such hate crime, regardless of what the rope symbolizes.