Fortunately, Collman Lloyd of South Carolina hadn't heard the word "marginal" before, so Santa lives on.
When the JLENS air surveillance blimp cut loose from its moorings in Maryland and crashed in central Pennsylvania last fall, it raised serious questions about the future of the $2.7 billion program.
The context is the perception and the reality that an alliance, one some term "unholy" (because religious voices are so prominent
NORAD has been monitoring Kris Kringle's Yuletide journey since 1955.
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In a scene reminiscent of a bad 80s film, "Ready for Hillary" banner ads overwhelmed government servers, resulting in a partial freeze of the U.S. government mainframe.
Now that Christmas Eve is here and Santa's arrival is fast approaching, it's time to track the where the jolly old man is
Before Allied forces leave the house for the Middle East, hadn't they better remember some simple things like closing and locking doors and remembering which airport captured terrorists will be arriving at?
The United States and Russia are increasingly at odds over Ukraine, where Russian-backed separatists have been fighting for
A New York county official said that Larry Glazer, a real-estate executive from Rochester in New York, and his wife, Jane
WASHINGTON (AP) — An Air Force official says two F-15 fighter jets were scrambled after the pilot of a private plane over
The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been tracking Santa's Christmas Eve journey since 1955. We will track Santa and his sleigh live and let you know when to expect a visit from Old Saint Nick.
The NSA was present at the discussion with Mr. Claus because we have so far utterly failed in our efforts to intercept and decode the "naughty and nice" database used at the North Pole. We felt this would be well within the national security interests of the government.
Google Santa Tracker Today, they don't need that kind of patience. Kids are used to texting their friends. Why not Santa
The flap has driven lots of viewers to the video - nearly 265,000 on YouTube by midday Monday. Josh Golin, the coalition's
"This is very much a fun and safe and nonviolent site that children of all ages can visit," Davis said. "Parents can be confident
Welcome back (after we took last week off, to digest) to our Friday roundup! We should have two weeks of news to cover, but nothing much of anything strange or startling happened Thanksgiving week, so we're going to concentrate on just this current week.
It's typical to assume that managing public health challenges in the developing world is the primary responsibility of the public sector. And that's not wrong: a well-functioning public health system is fundamental to saving more lives and keeping more people healthy.