norbert hofer

As someone who spent half his life in Austria and the other half in the United States, I have often found myself having to defend the former's politics in the U.S. and the latter's policies in Europe.
“From the beginning I fought and argued for a pro-European Austria."
"I am infinitely sad that it didn't work out," Norbert Hofer wrote after his defeat.
The FPÖ can't wait to step into the ring again. The first election campaign has already created a deep divide in the country, and the populists expect to pick up where they left off.
The court's decision immediately reminds Austria's political class that it is in many ways largely helpless in the face of the rising FPÖ, and that the next presidential elections will take place amidst a political landscape in ruins.
The ruling handed the Freedom Party's narrowly defeated candidate another chance to become the first far-right head of state in the European Union.
BERLIN -- Western society is becoming starkly divided, pulled to the fringes of politics -- both right and left.
Independent candidate Alexander van der Bellen has won.
Norbert Hofer could be the first far-right head of state in the EU.
Barring what looks increasingly like a miracle, Austria will elect a far right president this Sunday. This time around it is not just someone with a far right past, like Kurt Waldheim, but a current member of a far right party, Norbert Hofer, of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ).