Norbert Leo Butz

The Tony-winning actor's latest is a heartfelt celebration of women.
The best part of binge-watching television series like Netflix's Bloodline is speeding towards the surprises -- characters grow on us, evolve and then take a turn we never saw coming -- which of course brings us to Kevin "oh no you didn't" Rayburn.
Jackie K Cooper "Bloodline" is available on Netflix now. Still it is Chandler's performance as John
"Hale is trying to hold onto what he knows," says Butz, and that includes resisting the new-fangled notions Foster is borrowing
Intelligent, unconventional, non-cookie-cutter Broadway musicals are so rare that we try to go out of our way to encourage those that come along. Susan Stroman's Big Fish, at the Neil Simon, is such a one.
I often note how difficult it is to create a comedy that's not only smart and funny but also charming and surprising. But first-time director Craig Zisk, a TV veteran, has done that with The English Teacher.
Golden Boy is a handsomely mounted revival by director Bartlett Sher, with the sets and lighting especially effective in rooting us in the late 1930s. But the play itself doesn't get under our skin.
Packed with comparisons of New York to the Midwest, Dead Accounts landed some solid laughs from the New York-based audience but one wonders what tourists will think of the inside jokes. Unfortunately, those are the only aspect of the show that is communicated clearly.
Well Katie, here's hoping you're not-so-tasty cooking skills grow along with your career! “Yes. But for others, they probably
At a recent press event for the Broadway show she'll be opening at the end of November, Holmes came across pretty much like any actress just finding her way in rehearsals in a new play.