Happisburgh is the picture-perfect coastal village, with its 18th-century lighthouse, Norman church and quaint thatched cottages. But there is one major problem – it’s falling into the sea through a process called coastal erosion. While this is a historic problem, there are fears it will be accelerated due to climate change and rising sea levels. And as a result, it’s villagers will become some of the UK’s first climate-change migrants. Here we meet the community living on the front line of the problem, find out what makes them want to stay and discover what is being done to help them.
Regular dog walkers were more active on days with cold, rainy weather.
The Norfolk City Council had decided against removing the monument in 2015.
The reality is, not every animal will have a home tomorrow. Or the next day, or the next. They won't even all have homes next year. So I rescue. And I triumph. And my heart breaks. But most importantly... I rescue.