America is in the midst of a dramatic shift in public opinion, one which began at least a decade ago and shows no signs of reversing any time soon. The concept of fully legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use must now actually be considered the mainstream opinion in America.
The Big Daddy Lie is psychologically essential. As children we need to believe there is a powerful grown up who knows more than us. We need him to tell he knows reality better than our fearful minds do and that he'll keep us safe. We need this omnipotent, omniscient father even when we suspect he's not telling the truth.
Interview - US President Barack Obama arrived in Cuba on Sunday, March 20, 2016, in order to ratify the rapprochement between
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SL: Undeniably. President Obama has ended a historical anomaly, restoring the link with the Cuban people. He has rebuilt
President Obama's decision to make a historic visit to Cuba later this month is about more than U.S. politics or business opportunities on the island.
And Amazon. And Hulu. Celebrate diversity and chill.
After thirty-six years of mutual satanization, it is easy to advance pessimistic arguments and to be doubtful about a future in which Iran and the United States will no longer be enemies. However, the nuclear negotiations and the prospect of a final nuclear accord demonstrate the fiction of the idea of permanent enemies destined to be in conflict with each other.