Norman Borlaug

Despite rhetoric that potentially drives supporters to send bombs in the mail, the president insists "they" just don't want him to have one.
Norman E. Borlaug's labors certainly brought him awards, including a Nobel Peace Prize, a Presidential Medal of Freedom and a Congressional Medal of Honor. Yet what percentage of Americans do you think would recognize his name today?
Dr. Borlaug was a advocate of the inextricable connection between agriculture and nutrition. His work taught us that agriculture is a long-term solution to many immediate nutrition problems.
Dr. Borlaug is most famous for having launched what came to be known the Green Revolution -- the agricultural phenomenon responsible for an exponential increase in the amount of food produced on earth. But scientific achievements like Borlaug's can have a weird downside.
If the world learned to feed itself half a century ago, why are there now more hungry people than ever before?