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The Dread Pirate Roberts himself is speaking out against reports of a possible redo of the beloved classic.
The actor, playing George Jefferson in the "All in the Family"/"The Jeffersons" remake special, broke the fourth wall in style.
The beloved Cuban-American sitcom just didn't have enough viewers, the streaming service said.
"All In The Family" episode is eerily similar to the president's call to arm teachers.
The Puerto Rican is one of only 12 people to have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony.
But it looks like there are plenty of laughs in store for the Alvarez family, too.
Norman Lear is a television icon, known for bringing controversial political elements into popular TV shows. Outside of his
The sitcom creator "can't imagine an excuse" for excluding abortion storylines.
While Lear has always been game to tell other people's stories, it was only recently that he gave the nod to tell his own
If you need me, I'll be dancing naked in front of my mirror, with much amusement. (That won't make sense if you don't watch the Norman Lear video first. You should watch it. Don't make me tell you again.)
He also shared a refreshing take on what it "feels" like to be in his 90s.
Doctoral theses are sure to be written about the nearly parallel -- yet philosophically opposite -- titans of TV comedy, Garry Marshall (signature brand: Happy Days) and Norman Lear (signature brand: All In The Family). Olav ha-shalom, Garry.
When you listen to Norman Lear speak, it's like a masterclass in humanity. He is confident, compassionate and remarkably sensitive to those voices that have the most difficulty being heard.
Her PSA is this: Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your money.
"Well, why not? I don't know of any scientists who have proven otherwise," jokes the 93-year-old creator of "All In The Family."