Tom Rice said there was one big difference between this jump and the one he did in 1944: "They weren't shooting at me."
Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel went on Fox Business to deride the media and suggest the D-Day anniversary should be about celebrating President Donald Trump.
Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump delivered speeches paying tribute to the thousands of Allied troops who landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944.
The Fox New host laughs while filming in the cemetery at Normandy with the graves of WWII heroes behind her.
Because he fought Nazis, Sam Sachs has been a hero longer than I have been alive. Sam is 102 years old and lives in Lakewood
The elite paratrooper unit continues to battle fascism -- but now on American soil.
The nation is reeling from two attacks by assailants claiming loyalty to the Islamic State militant group in 12 days.
Police shot dead the two attackers following the attack in northern France.
I stepped up to the counter and ordered a bag of Munchkins, which I shared with Chloe, and a cup of coffee, which I didn't
The wall beside me once sported maps used to show war correspondents where they might find the war on any particular morning
When researching our guidebooks for the best-value restaurants, the last thing I want to do is follow the crowd to a top
Drinking on the job, I'm finishing up a great day in Normandy. My co-author Steve Smith and I spent the day double-teaming
Normandy offers a peaceful contrast to Paris. I just had to share the way the day greeted me, a few minutes out of bed, in
Twice a day the tide rises, as much as 15 meters or more, creating a defensible, physical boundary between the island and
You're right off the coast of Normandy, a speck of land in the cold waters of the Channel between France and England. A mere 25 miles west of the Cherbourg Peninsula of France, and 80 miles south of the British coast. A steep-sided and car-free paradise.
The medical examiner's autopsy concluded that Amonderez Green died after a single gunshot wound.