Normandy High School

Remedying racial disparities will require widespread efforts inside and outside the doctor's office.
It was that visual of Michael Brown lying on the pavement that fueled the anger that ignited after the vigil. The passion and beauty of the moment would soon be replaced by rage and rioting. RaQuan and I left the area just as the riot police were speeding down West Florissant to the unrest.
Florida posted the highest suspension rate in the country for elementary and secondary school students. At the elementary
"The transportation department has reviewed bus routes and will re-route buses for students who are displaced," Tobias wrote
In a newsletter to parents that October, the school explained the situation. “Infractions such as insubordination, uniform
Normandy High School officials should have come out strongly, advocating openness, pushing sex education, and acknowledging the problems and pressures of teenage life.