North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Speaking in a southern drawl from Memphis, Tennessee, Darryll Castle, Presidential nominee for the Constitution Party answered my questions.
Make no mistake -- NATO is by far the strongest and most capable military alliance in history. But big challenges loom as a new commander takes the reins in Europe. First, he must improve NATO's cybersecurity. There are still big, gaping holes in NATO's readiness in the area of offensive cyber action.
The U.S. is currently facing a range of challenges abroad and heighted partisanship at home. Now is an opportune time to
The American Petroleum Institute (API) successfully lobbied for an end to the 40-year ban on exporting U.S.-produced crude oil in part by making a geopolitical argument: Iran and Russia have the ability to export their oil, so why not unleash America?
With loud megaphones and ongoing geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and Russia with no end in sight, one can rest assured Rasmussen will not be the last one to repeat this meme, just as he was not the first.
It is no secret that the German military equipment being purchased by Saudi Arabia will most likely be used to crack down on anti-government demonstrations inside Bahrain, and/or the Shia-majority region of eastern Saudi Arabia.
NATO's founding purpose no longer exists, but NATO continues to circumvent the authority of the United Nations and to provoke other nations. Instead of trying to bolster the organization, we should begin serious discussions to dismantle it.
Those political pressures have become more evident in recent weeks, as a spate of damaging incidents have rocked the war
I can think of no better city to host the NATO Summit than Chicago -- a diverse city with strong, personal links to many of America's European Allies and partners. A city that draws inspiration from its people, and that in turn inspires others around the world.
"Were NATO to go away," said Kupchan, "it would deal a significant blow to the idea that the West is a coherent political
If you can't protect the population generally, from the perspective of COIN doctrine, you lose. If you lack a legitimate host nation government as a partner, you lose. And guess what? According to that doctrine the United States is losing. Badly.
U.S. and European estimates of the new troops they may get from NATO allies vary from 3,000 to 7,000. Those would complement
The struggle between an aggressively expanding NATO and the nascent Russia/China alliance will determine who holds the future high ground in the competition for the world's energy resources.
Despite strong domestic opposition, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said during the weekend that France remains committed