North Carolina

The follower of the "Billy Graham rule" has filed a lawsuit claiming he was discriminated against for his faith.
The fugitives are suspected of killing a North Carolina woman and her Australian boyfriend as well as another man.
The North Carolina ad, which features four congresswomen of color, was lambasted by activists as "dangerous" and "violent."
“We don’t think it’s constructive to get into the causes of sea level rise. But we see flooding issues, and we’re addressing it.”
The settlement says that nothing in state law could be interpreted to prevent transgender people from using restrooms that match their gender identity.
The Charlotte, North Carolina, City Council passed a resolution denouncing the president's bigotry and calling out his attempt to "stoke fear of others."
At a campaign rally in North Carolina on Wednesday, Trump’s supporters broke out into a racist chant about Rep. Ilhan Omar, yelling “send her back."
Scholars say the rally — where Trump supporters chanted "Send her back!" about Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar — is an escalation in America's slide toward fascism.
The Democratic congresswoman from Minnesota tweeted part of a Maya Angelou poem after the president renewed his racist attacks against her.
Trump supporters at a rally in North Carolina turned the president's attacks on four progressive Democratic congresswomen into a chilling chant.
The president opened his North Carolina rally by calling it the "most ridiculous project I’ve ever been involved in."
“Go back where you came from” is among the "worst of racist tropes," the North Carolina newspaper's editorial board said.
The explosion happened mere hours after the fast-food restaurant closed.
State Sen. Dan Bishop, who faces Democrat Dan McCready in a special election, used an Oskar Schindler analogy to characterize his advocacy against gay rights.
A tweet aimed at Qasim Rashid, a Muslim lawyer running for a seat in Virginia's state Senate, amounts to a felony, prosecutors say.
Tommy Martin of North Carolina claims he now suffers from cibophobia, a fear of food.
“He had years to delete those files,” Stephanie Hofeller said in an interview.
The male United Methodist Church pastors said they felt "furious" and "ashamed" after reading about the misogyny female pastors deal with.
Lawyers representing North Carolina Republicans said lawyers representing Common Cause obtained the information unethically.