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"It says something about the credibility that [Ski] has established in the General Assembly for his organization -- the Concerned
The Republican-controlled North Carolina House pushed through anti-abortion legislation on Thursday, using as their vehicle a motorcycle safety bill that lawmakers had stealthily turned into a measure on abortion.
McCrory's spokesman did not return a request for comment on the campaign promise. The legislation (SB 353) passed the state
North Carolina is the latest in a string of Republican states to attempt to restrict women's access to reproductive care. But why now, 40 years after Roe v. Wade, which ruled abortion a matter a privacy, are we seeing such a concerted attack from the right?
During the North Carolina House vote on SB 353 -- abortion restrictions, state Rep. Michele Presnell (R) said that instead of getting an abortion, women should "plan ahead." She was speaking with state Rep. Yvonne Lewis Holley (D).
Democrats have pointed out that the Tuesday hearing was on the Senate legislation, not the altered House version, and they
The group also has a radio ad on the issue that it started airing on Tuesday. Queen also said that in Tuesday's hearing, the