He grew up on Standing Rock Indian Reservation, where he was adopted by the local Sioux tribe, and moved back there 21 years
"The only specific language is that if they have a milk break ... they use it to pay for milk for low-income families," Flakoll
John Legend, Saving Your Schools? Musician John Legend appeared at USC last night to promote his education reform agenda, according to the Daily Trojan. "If we think demography is destiny, we will allow our school system to confirm that belief," Legend said, echoing basically the entire reform movement. He serves on the board education advocacy group Stand for Children.
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The law expired in 2007. Despite a few attempts, Congress has failed to rewrite it, so the administration began offering
Standards for science vary from state to state, according to STEM advocates. A report from Rosen's group, called "All Over
Drake High School in North Dakota made headlines in October of 1973 when school board members burned 32 copies of Kurt Vonnegut's
It's time for North Dakota -- and the handful of other states without meaningful anti-discrimination laws -- to pass legislation with teeth in it to protect the constitutional rights of every American citizen.
"I don't believe I have ever been faced with this type of tragedy of this magnitude," Prakash Mathew, NDSU's vice president
Simply mandating that young people remain in school without addressing the causes for their leaving will accomplish little.