North Kivu

And its return in the Democratic Republic of Congo points to the concerning rise of the worst kind of outbreaks, experts say.
The stories and the numbers of rapes have not abated, and his face reflects the stress of the last many years. But throughout it all, Dr. Mukwege finds hope.
The day was emotional, uplifting and inspiring, and made us all very, very proud. Just as they shared their stories with us, we shared ours with them.
In a country where security can change in an instant, acting on lies and failing to act on truth can have very real -- even fatal -- consequences.
To read the full report, CLICK HERE View of the Kanyaruchinya camp, DRC - Colin Delfosse/Oxfam Evidence gathered by Oxfam
Thousands of refugees have resettled in Goma and in overcrowded camps across the border with Rwanda. Yet the camps cannot
Last month, around Masisi alone I spoke to residents of displaced person camps such as Kalinga (population 4,551), Bihito
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"Many people were killed in the crossfire," Ruti says, as she escorts me to her makeshift shelter. "I saw bodies lying dead in the street. The only thing I managed to bring with me was a frying pan. "
Congolese president Joseph Kabila paved the way for a troupe of Spanish Clowns, while thugs and militia rule the Kivus and truth-seeking journalist are threatened.