North Pole

From polar bears to a pandemic, a scientist shares what it was like to be part of MOSAiC, science’s most ambitious mission to the North Pole.
Christmas in the modern era has something in common with singer Miley Cyrus; they both come in rather like a wrecking ball
For the second year in a row, the Arctic is way hotter than it's supposed to be.
Imagine binge-watching holiday movies and nomming on cookies in Santa Claus' house!!! 🎅😉
Long Way North is one of those rare films, especially in animation, which analyzes the dizzying complexity of life on Earth using what John Muir called the "glacial eye."
This would be one of the hardest things I’d ever have to do.
The people there refer to it as "Next to the North Pole" or the "North Polet", because it's the closest location that commercial flights operate to, and well, because it's right next to the North Pole. It's peculiar in general that people are eager to travel there, but what I found even more interesting is the way of life there.
As I plan a trip for Europe this coming summer with a friend, I see how much fun "adventuring" can be. Of course, I am no match for women who have scaled mountains or traveled to the, literally, ends of the Earth.