north sea

The country is aggressively transitioning to wind power. But that doesn't mean the oil is going away.
21-Year-Old Boyan Slat and The Ocean Cleanup have deployed their first working prototype in the North Sea. The main device is scheduled to be deployed by 2020 and could clean up the Pacific Garbage Patch in 20 years.
Scientists say it's too early to determine why so many are taking a wrong turn.
Not too long ago, the rush to renewable and alternative energy sources was strong, with public subsidies and private funds in full support of solar, wind, bio-fuels, and other new technologies and approaches. But suddenly all that went away.
Total UK chairman Patrice de Vivies told Reuters he had cooperated particularly closely with Royal Dutch/Shell when sharing
Four employes of Halliburton, the world's largest cementing service to the oil and gas industry, were on the Macondo rig
End Note Car, as used here, is defined as a typical light-duty vehicle in the United States, with an average fuel economy
By Oleg Vukmanovic and Henning Gloystein Another, more expensive option being pursued in parallel is to dig two relief wells
If a first visit to the platform is successful, Total plans to fly out more engineers by the end of the week to begin injecting
A senior union official said on Friday that Total had repeatedly assured workers a leak was impossible until just hours before