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Tired of the pervasive anger and divisive rhetoric that is consuming American politics in this year's presidential contest, we decided to attend a recent candidate forum near our north shore Oahu home for a more Hawaiian experience -- one grounded in harmony, not hate.
The young men are nearly all in their 20s, still fresh in the memories of high school teachers.
There are few things more natural and beautiful than a mother nurturing her child, which is why birth and breastfeeding photographer
Today, the island of Oahu is one of the world's most popular visitor destinations, where beaches, shopping, waves and waterfalls draw millions of visitors each year. Even though Oahu is one of the world's more desirable places to vacation, there is still a lot about this tropical island that visitors might not know.
Orange County, California -- Massive paddle-out for the passing of pastor Chuck Smith. (Oct. 21, 2013) Surfers around the
I've been back in Colorado for nearly two weeks now after my brief sojourn to Oahu, but I have to be honest: In my mind, I'm still in Hawaii.
We all feel fearful when we are pursuing something big in our lives. It's scary to drop what you've been doing for years and take a different path. It is scary to invest money in a project that we don't know is going to be profitable. Nothing in this life is certain (well, they say that only taxes and death are).
If you needed any extra motivation to finally book a flight to Hawaii for your summer vacation, this is probably it. After
Besides the fast barrels and finest breaks, what is it about a surf neighborhood that makes it great? It's the summation of lifestyle, local charm, adventure and investment.
The state of Hawaii has a lot going for it in terms of natural beauty, but its biggest pride and joy may just be the massive
Every winter, as the rest of us battle snow delays and frostbite, the North Shore of Oahu welcomes more people than its two
Yesterday, a ceremony was held at Waimea Bay to celebrate the beginning of the waiting period for the contest. Competitors
2. 7 Mile Beach, Hobart, Tasmania. 14. Mark Occhilupo, Bondi Beach, Australia This is a mid-70's Australian Ford Falcon which
Burle made it down the wave, but claims that he broke the world record for largest wave ever surfed have met criticism from
We save tourists from themselves... We do cannon balls... Earlier this week, Oahu's North Shore saw waves up to twelve feet
It's tough to figure out Mayor Kirk Caldwell's logic and his fiscal priorities. Honolulu deserves fact-and-merit-based collaboration with its citizenry in order to ensure that everybody wins. It would be a travesty for Oahu if politics will render the Kahuku Municipal Golf Course into oblivion.