North Star

CEOs are pledging to take action for inclusion in business and for our greater community.
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“It will be a very dramatic change in the sky."
An imagined goal of public school is to help people transcend their environments, to offer access to success beyond that
I work at a teen educational program where students have full control over their own schedules and have no academic requirements. Years of enforced, rote tasks may increase a person's compliance with an uninspired adult work life, but is that a worthy goal for education?
We put a colossal amount of energy into shepherding students through systems that don't quite fit for many individuals. For some, doesn't quite fit is an understatement. For some, real suffering and damage is taking place as they try to fit but don't.
It's wonderful that so many adults are working to improve their lives. But why wait until you're grown up? Let's empower young people to create happiness and engagement in their lives now.
Now the Hipparcos team is back in the form of one of its former team members, Floor van Leeuwen, a researcher at the University
In the 1990s, the European Space Agency's star-mapping Hipparcos satellite determined the 434 light-year distance to Polaris
According to Jess Lybrook, founder of the Erie Animal Network, it was the generosity of strangers from around the world that
"It's a person with a degenerate mind," Woodworth's husband, Bob, added. "It would have been much more humane if the person