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Exercise is one of the most effective and most easily available means of improving brain health, as Northeastern University
The U.S. military is beginning to embrace yoga as a means of treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Stephanie Lopez, a
The chemicals, known as PFCs, have been linked to health issues but are mostly unregulated.
Consistent exercise can have a significant impact on cognitive health, Northeastern University neuroscientist Arthur Kramer
Health trends come and go, but one medical truism has proven remarkably durable: if regular exercise were a drug, nearly
GuitarFest 2016: ¡Viva España! June 15-19, 2016 at New England Conservatory The year 2016 marks the 140th anniversary of
Cultural biases and conventions simply don't put "woman" and "entrepreneur" in the same space. The archetype remains tethered to the hunter male, a relentless warrior who vanquishes any and all unbelievers. Women continue to be seen by funders, and really the public at large, as newbies or juniors-in-training.
Back-to-school season is one of my favorite times of the year. September is when I take my show on the road, traveling the country to talk to high school students, parents, and college counselors about what they need to know about researching and applying to colleges.
Like every new dad, as I held my newborn son, I dreamed of teaching him to play catch, shoot a basketball, and ride his first bicycle. But Max was different. A premature twin, I couldn't hold him for months, and when I did, he fit in my two hands. A few months later, I found out Max had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
Recently, I asked Co-Founder and CEO of New Grounds Food, Johnny Fayad, his opinion on how more college students can start up their own ventures because he is currently operating a startup all the while attending Northeastern University.
While states in much of the country were content to take quick action to address gun violence, Massachusetts took time to craft a comprehensive and strong bill which has garnered wide support. Our law in Massachusetts is unique.
Many community leaders and activists are hard at work to reform the prison system, but they should be advocating for child welfare system reform, too. If we improve the foster care system, we will reduce the number of people in prison.
Even if pressed, I would have a hard time calling myself an environmentalist. I'm not alone -- many people I know feel the same, even as they hop on their bikes to peddle sustainably off to their job in the green sector.
Recorded primarily at Jingletown Recording Studio in Oakland, Cali., "Still Have You" is the second song release from their upcoming album Sound of Summer, scheduled to be released in mid-to-late-May.
Know How, a film about the foster care system, premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival on March 8th, 2014. The Possibility
People just can't afford to pay $50K a year for a college education, even if it's at a good school like St. Joe's. The payback just isn't there. The numbers don't make sense. St. Joe's has to make some hard and unpopular adjustments if they want to survive.
How are children supposed to "want it, work for it and fight for it" when they don't even know it exists?