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One of the victims, 21-year-old Trevor Wehner, was starting his first day as an intern at the company.
Many people were surprised at the results of last week's election. In hindsight, the signs were there to be seen, in plain sight. Many, either because they were paying attention or being targeted, were not surprised.
Madigan has been in control of the House for most of the past 30 years. He and Cullerton have been passing unbalanced budgets
Business in other industries in Illinois is taking a hit, too, some say. The closing of a Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Ill
New research from Northern Illinois University's Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) found that Illinois lost nearly 10,000 citizens between 2013 and 2014. This was the largest decline in absolute numbers of any state in the nation.
Man, that was close. Central Michigan lost the game, 73-55, while Simons appeared to have escaped what could have beena serious
We believe that budget discussions should consider the growing role that institutions like ours play in educating our young people, long before freshmen check into their residence hall rooms for fall semester.
I am an annoying friend. I am the person that gets unfollowed on Facebook and that people avoid mentioning certain topics around. I am the friend constantly sharing petition and calls to action, political articles and news stories. At parties, I am the one that shouts at friends to go vote, and lectures siblings when they don't update their voter registration address
As a president of a major public university, I'm a strong advocate of the value of a four-year bachelor's degree, and studies do bear out the proposition that those who have that degree fare better in life than those who don't.
Why would a student accessing Wikipedia receive a warning about "Illegal or Unethical" content if NIU is just trying to address sites that "pose an active security risk?"
Paul Palian, the university's director of media and public relations, says NIU is "in the process of modernizing [its] network
You graduate college and enter the real world, and then reality hits. You need to pay rent, pay for utilities and, most likely, start paying back your loans.
For the better part of a decade, Illinois' public universities have been battling ever-shrinking state funding. That's driven tuition costs up.
Apgar was quick to point out that hazing does not occur at all fraternities. News reports routinely feature those where it
There’s another reason to feel a twinge of envy toward those acquaintances with 1,000-plus Facebook friends. You know, the
According to the DeKalb Police report obtained by, Nothern Illinois University football player Devon Butler
The school will have a wreath ceremony at 3 p.m. Monday at a memorial garden near Cole Hall, where the shootings occurred
Gun advocates claim that we'd be safer if more people had guns. I agree. In order to assure a safer more crime-free society, teachers should be armed. Students should be armed. Convenience store clerks...
As police declared their hunt for missing Northern Illinois University freshman Antinette "Toni" Keller has become a murder
NIU freshman Antinette "Toni" Keller vanished Oct. 14. Her death has been reclassified as a homicide investigation. Police