northern iraq

Members of the minority group worry that messy politics and crushing poverty will only prolong their plight.
So far, the Islamic State is not near the major oil fields of the northern city of Kirkuk, which were seized by the Kurds
Regardless of the outcome to Syria's civil war, the United States will have no friends in Syria except the Kurds. U.S.-Kurdish rapprochement would serve as a counter-weight to political demagogy and Islamist extremism.
Security around churches has been tightened since 52 people were killed last October when militants attacked Our Lady of
At Impact I've learned that often, hope doesn't come from big ideas, but from everyday actions by determined individuals. So for the next six months, I'll be putting those ideas into action.
BAGHDAD -- The commanding general of American forces in Iraq said Monday that he had proposed putting United States troops
Most of the Kurds living west of the Tigris have fled or have been killed. The Christian community was driven out by attacks