northern lights

While we once (ahem, college) thought nothing of staying up past midnight, these days it takes something truly special to
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The International Space Station was travelling over Australia when it captured this stunning display of Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights.
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A geomagnetic storm was responsible for the beautiful night sky display.
When two photographers get engaged, you know the photos are going to be amazing.
The greatest light show on Earth. 🙌
Michigan's Isle Royale National Park is one of the least visited national parks, and the most revisited. Formed by the world's
Iceland's capital turned off streetlights for the display.
The usual “rule of thirds” guide applies, but be creative. After a few years of cool but unrealistic time-lapses, a few years
Industry workshops will be offered with the intent of connecting artists with promoters from all over the Midwestern markets
I also suggest getting a portable wifi. We rented ours from Iceland Camping Equipment and they were wonderful. This really