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KIRUNA, SWEDEN For the indigenous Sámi people of northern Scandinavia, the aurora borealis were thought to be the energy
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The International Space Station was travelling over Australia when it captured this stunning display of Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights.
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A geomagnetic storm was responsible for the beautiful night sky display.
When two photographers get engaged, you know the photos are going to be amazing.
The greatest light show on Earth. 🙌
Kayakers hit the eastern shore on the northern side of the island. Photo credit: Jonathan Irish Michigan's Isle Royale National
Iceland's capital turned off streetlights for the display.
But the best advice? Go for the destination. Whether it's Alaska or Iceland, Northern Canada, or Lapland, the arctic wilderness
The August moon is also referred to by locals as the sturgeon moon because the sturgeon fish are most readily caught in the
At around 10pm, we looked out the window and the Northern Lights were at it again! This time it was even brighter and more