Northern Virginia

A host of insurgent challenges reflects Democratic gains in the northern part of the state.
“An insidious rise in hateful actions and anti-Semitism is happening in Virginia and across the country,” Sen. Tim Kaine said.
Juli Briskman's viral moment last fall inspired her to challenge a Republican district supervisor in Northern Virginia.
With flights from Washington, D.C. to Amsterdam averaging around $1500 this spring, my trip to the tulips may have to wait. But just 45 minutes outside the Nation's Capital is another garden with a propitious nickname: "Holland in Haymarket."
Despite that, D.C. is consistently ranked one of America's fittest cities. Among the startling statistics: Friday's report
Virginians, McAuliffe said, "don't want their governor focused on a social, ideological agenda and divisive issues, which
Our quest was to find men and women who are chronically homeless around Fairfax County. But what seemed like "deep into the woods" was really only a stone's throw from gated communities and high-end shopping centers that make up the county, one of the nation's wealthiest.
The biggest effect on the election, predicted George Mason professor McDonald, may be on the campaigns' efforts to mobilize
Tea Party supporters -- many of whom vocally supported Romney's more conservative rivals -- showed a similar willingness
Click through our slideshow of the various Obama visits to Annandale over the years. The President's local connections to
We believe that art is a strong vehicle for social change. In our front gallery stands an "Empty Kitchen" installation and we challenge the community to help us fill it.
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WASHINGTON -- While all eyes watching the final results in the Virginia Senate, voters in Northern Virginia decided a variety
Maybe he should call up his neighbor Erin Bell, the military mother of four who had to cancel her family's weekend plans
The release this past week of the Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) makes it clear that America's ethnic makeup
The sad pageant of Lee's surrender marked the passing of a way of life founded, not "ultimately," but intimately and immediately, on the unpaid labor of a third of the South's population.