Northern Virginia

A host of insurgent challenges reflects Democratic gains in the northern part of the state.
“An insidious rise in hateful actions and anti-Semitism is happening in Virginia and across the country,” Sen. Tim Kaine said.
Juli Briskman's viral moment last fall inspired her to challenge a Republican district supervisor in Northern Virginia.
With flights from Washington, D.C. to Amsterdam averaging around $1500 this spring, my trip to the tulips may have to wait. But just 45 minutes outside the Nation's Capital is another garden with a propitious nickname: "Holland in Haymarket."
Fifteen years ago, District of Columbia had a combined obesity and overweight rate of 47.7 percent. Ten years ago, it was
McAuliffe dodged when asked whether Bolling's decision would help him. "So here's the really weird answer. It's actually
Our quest was to find men and women who are chronically homeless around Fairfax County. But what seemed like "deep into the woods" was really only a stone's throw from gated communities and high-end shopping centers that make up the county, one of the nation's wealthiest.
Maryland, not considered a swing state, canceled all early voting on Monday and Tuesday. Gov. Martin O'Malley declared a
"It's not that we're pro-Romney because he's a better man; we're pro-Romney because he is not everything that Obama and his