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The man held a government security clearance and was allegedly involved in last summer's deadly Charlottesville rally.
It's either a complete loss, or a frighteningly evasive spacecraft.
As Silver heads to jail, the former leader of the New York Senate, Dean Skelos, is on his way there too, after being convicted
Jessica Reznicek arrested outside of Northrop Grumman Corporation in Nebraska Last winter, at the Voices home/office in Chicago
There are many businesses that are leading the way in promoting an inclusive workplace, businesses that are proud of the advancements they have made in hiring workers with disabilities. Why are they so passionate about hiring disabled workers?
Readers -- and taxpayers -- should take these corporate connections into account when assessing the objectivity of pro-bomber pieces like the Mitchell Institute report. Of course, even interested parties can be right some of the time. But that is not the case with respect to the new bomber.
The winning contractor has put money into the campaigns of 224 congressmen who control defense spending.
As a nation we sometimes have to take on very high-risk-ventures whose risk-returns are not acceptable to the private sector. NASA's Apollo program is a very good example.
Nuclear weapons have been in the headlines for years and yet all attention in this period has been focused on Iran. Almost never in the news, on the other hand, are the perfectly real arsenals that could actually wreak havoc on the planet, especially our own.
News organizations love anniversary stories, and if for some reason you haven't heard, it's the 70th anniversary of when the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. Despite all this coverage, however, I didn't notice any stories that bothered to mention the fact that the Obama administration wants the U.S. government to spend as much as $1 trillion over the next three decades on a new generation of nuclear weapons.
Breaking news! Nearly four years after budget caps imposed by Congress began to modestly rein in runaway spending at the Pentagon, the sky hasn't fallen. In fact, none of the dire predictions of Pentagon contractors -- from mass layoffs to a collapse of the U.S. military -- have come true.
BGR Group, whose lobbyists have given $18,300 to Cochran's campaign this cycle, represents clients with sites in Mississippi
(hat tip Wired) CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misstated the status of the Navy's drone order with Northrup
Northrop Grumman's website shows that Block 40 is currently in the development stages. Washington Post writer Chris Richards
A handful of Democratic and Republican senators are considering a rewrite of 60 of the most consequential words to ever pass through Congress: The Authorization for Use of Military Force, which is enabling a system of eternal warfare.
There are the 10 companies profiting the most from war, according to 24/7 Wall St. Based on the report, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed
Portions of this article appeared originally at At a cool $29.5 million, it's not for the