Northwest Territories

Last year, under Prime Minister Trudeau's predecessor, Stephen Harper, Canada finalized the creation of the 2.6 million-acre Mealy Mountains National Park Reserve in Newfoundland and Labrador. Final boundaries were also set in 2015 for a national park and an adjoining territorial park in the Thaidene Nene region of the Northwest Territories, which will protect an additional 6.4 million acres.
For generations, the Sahtúgot'ine Dene people in northern Canada have told a story about the "water heart," a power that connects all living things throughout their traditional territory. This heart beats deep within Great Bear Lake, a place as magnificent and untamed as its name suggests.
From da Vinci's flying machines, and the Wright brothers first flight, to Capt. Chuck Yeager flying faster than sound, and Neil Armstrong on Apollo 11's first human lunar landing, aviators have been celebrated as movie stars for their bravado and chutzpah.
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Our Grand Caravan To get here from Inuvik I took the milk run in a Grand Caravan - a little nine-seater Cessna 208b single
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[Upcoming blog on Saturday: The grizzlies roam into town - and are executed] Pole Hang The Bum Hop is like skipping rope
Pingos Driftwood The Dené First Nation, who live further upstream, have no truck for Scotland or Mackenzie and still call
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By adopting new rules on the rights of Indigenous peoples within the World Heritage process--and by working to integrate the review of natural and cultural values in its evaluations--UNESCO has taken important steps in the right direction, which the people of Pimachiowin Aki hope will improve the ability of Indigenous peoples.
A satellite image of the smoke plume from fires burning in the Northwest Territories captured on July 7, 2014. In addition
Follow their journey on Twitter and Cool Green Science. The Thelon River flows northwards for a while through this land, and