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Without governance reforms that will put the players' education and safety ahead of the coaches' and schools' money-making priorities, the academically elite Division I colleges' claim to a higher ground is pure hypocrisy.
Is the college sport system set up to provide the kind of independent review necessary to protect the interests of big-time football and basketball players who perform in the multi-billion dollar college sport industry?
A National Labor Relations Board official took a historic step last month in ruling that Northwestern’s scholarship football
The reasoning that Northwestern football players are more revenue-generating employees than they are student-athletes is not surprising.
The NLRB ruling should not scare us but instead encourage careful thinking about how to avoid exploitative student labor and preserve a meaningful campus work experience.
If the ruling survives all the legal challenges to come, there are several relatively straightforward items that a Northwestern players' union -- or a potential athletes' union at any university -- could bring to the bargaining table quickly.
The National Labor Relations Act was seen in 1935 as a response both to ongoing labor strife and to the immediate exigencies of the Great Depression. It gave workers the right to organize over their wages, not football players.
Former Oklahoma State star Desmond Mason believes the Northwestern football players' bid for unionization is evidence that
When you're paid $7 million to run a football program -- and when college football generates the billions of dollars in revenue it does -- you're no longer a coach. You're a CEO.
College athletics produce millions in revenue for their colleges, but the stars of the game cannot receive compensation commensurate with their contribution to the entertainment they provide. It is a sweet deal for colleges. The Northwestern case, however, has nothing to do with the fairness of NCAA regulations.
WASHINGTON -- This coming Friday, lawyers for Northwestern University football players are set to begin making their case to federal officials that the players have the right to form a labor union. The hearing in Chicago will mark the beginning of a legal battle that could drag on for years. Depending on the outcome, the case could transform big-time college sports and impact labor relations throughout academia.
In a brief interview Monday, Ohr didn't give any indication as to where he might be leaning in the Northwestern case, saying
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