Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Surgeons at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital said the patient -- a woman in her 20s -- had some of the most damaged lungs they'd ever seen.
"The importance of individualized engagement and empathy is really the take-home lesson."
The nonprofit Double Hit Lymphoma Foundation was born, and Jill and Dr. Petrich established their mission: Increase awareness of double hit lymphoma; provide information, tools and connections that make a cancer journey more manageable, with fewer surprises and unknowns; and raise funds for double hit lymphoma research.
(Recasts with Daley's discharge) He walked out of the hospital around noon, a hospital spokeswoman said. Daley was taken
The doctor then allegedly took photos of her, and uploaded them to Facebook and Instagram. A copy of the lawsuit obtained
A recent Northwestern Medicine study examined the association between proximity to a liquor store and gunshot wounds from
“They are absolutely devastated,” attorney Matthew Jenkins, with the law firm Corboy and Demetrio, told CBS Chicago. “The
Eight people received kidney transplants from eight unrelated donors in the largest-ever kidney swap at Northwestern Memorial
Maggie Daley's cancer has spread to her liver and lung, but is "well-controlled," according to an interview her doctor gave
Two people died after hanging themselves at separate Chicago hospitals Tuesday, officials said today. A patient at Northwestern