Norwegian Refugee Council

Armed groups are battling the government, and innocent civilians are caught in the middle.
That's a rate of about one person fleeing their home every second.
Peace on earth, goodwill towards men (women and children), except if they're migrants, refugees, or asylum seekers, who the media worldwide have, for the most part, failed to cover accurately, fairly, in a balanced way, and ethically.
While a strategy for peace in Iraq is still being formed, we already know one ingredient. Food will help write the peace in Iraq. For there cannot be any peace or stability with people starving and malnourished. We cannot abandon Iraqis in this time of great distress.
"In the U.S. following Hurricane Sandy, most of those displaced were able to find refuge in adequate temporary shelter while
"ISAF has been trying for a long time to figure out how to avoid the blame-game on civilian casualties," said Erica Gaston
Dadaab, located about 100 km for the Somali border, was set up in 1991 to house Somalis fleeing violence in their country
For the majority of the world's poor, poverty is predominantly a rural issue. What role can philanthropists play in creating the conditions necessary for wide-spread economic growth in rural areas?