Nose Job

Whether you're worried about the signs of aging, or just want to regain a little self-confidence, plastic surgery can be the solution you're looking for.
Changes in Rhinoplasty Procedures Ethnicity is just one fundamental added to the custom styling of nasal contours, but not
To those people that made a comment about my nose, thank you. I'm not mad at you, in fact, I'm glad you said something. Because you forced me to face the mirror, think through it, and realize how silly I was being. I am proud of my nose. And you can't put to shame something I am proud of.
Thousands of vain Americans are outraged after Facebook announced its new "original nose" policy. Effective immediately, the social network giant will begin cracking down on profile photos of the cosmetically-enhanced.
While everyone was laughing at or tweeting how alarming Kim Novak and Goldie Hawn looked with their faces full of Botox, I could only think of a woman who never stood on the Academy Awards stage: my mother.
Plastic surgery enthusiast Justin Jedlica joins HuffPost Live to explain how his first nose job turned into a lifetime of surgeries.
After the initial fog lifted after my father's death, I began to consider my own vulnerability to more and more complicated complications that might arise out of my initial diagnosis, my treatment and all of the surgeries and hospital stays that followed.
"You have a nose like this," the little girl told me, and drew a Pinocchio-like schnoz. I cried.
Feeling snubbed by the young gymnast whom they claimed to have invested $20,000 dollars in, Excalibur's CEO and Douglas' former
While there definitely seems to be a niche market for these bizarre nose-straighteners and lifters, we can honestly say we
When my friend decided to have plastic surgery on her face and breasts, I couldn't hide my shock. I was caught off guard -- she had always been one of those cute, perky moms, dressed in the latest trend.
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons said plastic surgery spending is up 3 percent over 2010, powered in part by a 71
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Alexis Bellino went under the knife for reconstructive surgery on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET
CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article insinuated that all of the planes used were bombers when, in fact, a variety
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If women, especially public figures, keep giving into this bizarre fake ideal of what beauty is, the cycle will never end.
Check out the cones featured in the exhibit below. The pieces each have their own identity; some harp on the hawkish views
The 25-year-old revealed to Letterman that like her character, she's had her nose fixed -- because she broken it twice! WATCH