notre dame cathedral

Archeologists found the well-preserved lead sarcophagus beneath the famed Paris cathedral during work to repair damage from the 2019 fire.
The centuries-old structure is finally stable and secure enough for artisans to start rebuilding it, the government agency overseeing the reconstruction said.
Repair works continue at the iconic Paris cathedral, which was ravaged by a devastating fire earlier this year.
“It’s all working out for the greater good," said a pastor at a Louisiana regional Baptist organization that includes three churches burned in alleged hate crimes.
Rebuilding the iconic cathedral will take a lot of work.
The famed Paris cathedral sustained “colossal damage,” but its main structure and at least some of its treasured relics and artworks survived.
See the latest images of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris consumed by flames and smoke.
One woman stabbed a police officer during her arrest, before being shot and wounded, authorities say.