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Thousands watched and cheered as this blessedly brilliant Quarter Back from Indiana placed himself in a standout position, at Notre Dame and in the NFL for many years.
Looks like the Fighting Irish will have a reason to celebrate.
Karen DeCocker, an alumna who is teaching a nursing course this semester at Saint Mary's, says that some students told her
The University of Notre Dame may not want to play football against the University of Michigan any longer. But that doesn't
It's no secret: college football season is the bread and butter for many businesses in towns and cities across the country. How much do hotels hike their prices when fans come flocking?
Whether due to history, size, atmosphere, or all of the above, these hallowed grounds of college football have become destinations in their own right.
ith the market starting to take shape for college football tickets, TiqIQ released the Top 25 most expensive average prices for the 2014 season. Eight schools from the SEC are in the Top 25, the most of any conference.
Dooley continued to contend with the “mental burdens” of being closeted and in September 2011 attempted suicide. He recounted
Whereas we as Americans once took pride in our educational preeminence internationally, we have fallen to 16th place in college degree completion. We have not kept pace internationally because in spite of our national wealth, we have neglected our poor children.
On-field tradition/success aside, is Notre Dame the most photogenic football program of all time? Let's see if we can make their case.
Last Saturday, October 19, running back Cam McDaniel helped Notre Dame beat USC in a 14-10 home football victory. He rushed for 92 yards, a career high for the junior from Coppell, Texas.
Notre Dame QB Tommy Rees: The Fighting Irish finally started to miss Everett Golson in the team's loss last week to Oklahoma
Hard as it may be to believe, in 1939, the University of Chicago abruptly dropped its football program, citing as its reason the astonishing fact that the sport had evolved to the point where it was becoming a distraction to both students and faculty.
For anyone wondering, Corso did also put on cap and handle livestock. Of course, you can't please everybody... "Signs, signs
The series between ND and Michigan spans 40 games, with the Wolverines holding a 23-16-1 advantage. When the teams met in
HOME COOKING: Hoke hasn't lost a home game in two-plus seasons of leading college football's winningest program, a fact that
Deadspin has a more detailed breakdown of May's quote, which features his waxing poetically about growing up in upstate New