U.S. lawmakers demand details from Novartis and AT&T about their payments to Cohen's firm.
The most innocent explanation of the payments to Michael Cohen's LLC is still pretty sketchy.
The list price will be $373,000.
The catch: It costs $475,000.
A new cancer drug won enthusiastic support from a federal advisory panel.
I want to share a personal moment for National Family Caregivers Month. It's one that will always stand out with me and my family, and it may resonate with others going through similar situations. It's the day my mom was diagnosed with heart failure, and the moment I became her caregiver and advocate-in-chief.
Recent memos allegedly leaked from the Colombian Embassy in Washington describe intense pressure by the pharmaceutical industry to discourage Colombia's efforts to half the local price of Novartis' Gleevec, one of the leading medications used to treat Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML).