Novaya Gazeta

A bipartisan group blasted the "human rights atrocities" taking place in the Russian republic.
And local officials have made no effort to investigate the troubling claims.
A Chechen spokesman denied the report, saying, “You cannot arrest or repress people who just don’t exist."
How have Russians reacted to reports of their troops fighting in Ukraine? I had the chance to talk to some of the rebels
A leading Russian newspaper has issued an apology on its front page, asking for forgiveness from the people of the Netherlands
There is a danger that the image of Russia's institutions as being frozen in an archaic and despotic past could obscure the reality of a changing society that is much more diverse than we imagine.
Joseph Stalin's grandson has launched a court action claiming a liberal Russian newspaper has defamed the former Soviet dictator
"I do not think we need to rehabilitate democracy. There has been, is and will be democracy," Medvedev said in his first
Medvedev's conciliatory gestures may be a good cop/bad cop tactic orchestrated by Putin. Churchill's famous analogy to "bulldogs fighting under a rug" to describe Russian politics remains apt.
Four men accused of helping to organise the murder of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya were today acquitted by a
But you'd think Medvedev would be a little more proud of such a historic achievement. The official Kremlin website does not
The independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper and Russian prosecutors know the identity of the man who killed Anna Politkovskaya