Novaya Gazeta

A bipartisan group blasted the "human rights atrocities" taking place in the Russian republic.
And local officials have made no effort to investigate the troubling claims.
A Chechen spokesman denied the report, saying, “You cannot arrest or repress people who just don’t exist."
Relatives of Russian soldiers told me that while soldiers were occasionally sent on short-term missions inside Ukraine in
The photograph was taken Wednesday when the first bodies from the crash were transported to Holland for identification. Thousands
There is a danger that the image of Russia's institutions as being frozen in an archaic and despotic past could obscure the reality of a changing society that is much more diverse than we imagine.
Joseph Stalin's grandson has launched a court action claiming a liberal Russian newspaper has defamed the former Soviet dictator
And from the Moscow Times: "I do not think we need to rehabilitate democracy. There has been, is and will be democracy," Medvedev
Medvedev's conciliatory gestures may be a good cop/bad cop tactic orchestrated by Putin. Churchill's famous analogy to "bulldogs fighting under a rug" to describe Russian politics remains apt.