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Cheese fries should not have squiggles! They should be melty and gooey. This is just wrong: There are plenty of items from
Popeyes is debuting chicken waffle tenders -- that's white meat chicken battered in a waffle coating and then deep-fried
KFC's (in)famous Double Down has spawned all sorts of no-bun monstrosities. This one is making our stomachs turn. Jack In the Box recently unveiled the "Big Waffle Stack," in which two "lightly sweetened, toasted maple waffles" take the place of the bun, according to a press release. Between the waffles are two eggs, sausage, ham, American cheese and bacon.
What's next? A McDonald's sandwich with bacon instead of bread? A Wendy's burger that that sandwiches eggs in between two
Remember Japanese burger chain Lotteria? It previously made headlines for its crazy five-patty burger. Now it's back with
HuffPost Food editors agreed this is a pie for super serious cheese lovers -- it's decadent and intense. It's also a very
Oh, and there's some mustard: You know what is definitely too far? A couple of thick sausage links atop the patty. We're
Would you eat it? We're no strangers to novelty pizza creations across the globe. Usually, we have Pizza Hut to thank for