Novo Nordisk

Thus, it is a far more efficient process for allocating the same resources to innovation and meeting the high demands of
The klieg lights were on full-strength Wednesday at a star-studded lunch highlighting obesity treatment and, later, a Fergie concert, both put on by the Creative Coalition -- with help from pharma giants like Novo Nordisk -- on the third day of the Democratic National Convention.
The hormone-mimicking drug in Saxenda, Liraglutide, was originally marketed as Victoza, prescribed to treat diabetes. It
Diabetes doesn't care if you are young or old, rich or poor, happy or sad, short or tall, weak or strong. It doesn't make
The drug has been approved for patients with a body mass index of 30 or above and at least one weight-related health condition
I'm a regular person with a job, family commitments and time constraints like everyone else. Managing one's own health is a process requiring time and effort, but it's for something very important -- your own well-being.
While skepticism over a viable insulin pill remains high, Novo and Oramed believe they have come up with solutions that will
More on this story as it develops. Despite the announcement, Novo Nordisk's web sites are still all decked out in Deen: Eater
You can have access to better medicines and tools and yet do little because you haven't got the emotional strength, resilience and support to get up every day and manage this chronic condition.
But after treatment, most women and men reported a sex life that was less painful while more than 40 percent of the women