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Setting aside Trump’s utter lack of substance, sales of her book are nowhere near those of "Lean In."
Fast casuals are having more difficulties attracting increasing millennial visits than is widely assumed.
Americans made 61 billion restaurant visits in the past year but that was essentially unchanged from the previous year. Said
"The universe of overall premium channel subscribers is shrinking, but the subscribers that are sticking with premium TV
All the restaurant-chain CEOs who have blamed disappointing sales on soft consumer spending have been telling it true. Data from The NPD Group show that restaurant visits using a deal or discount increased across all segments during the first nine months of 2013.
Of those consumers not ordering healthily when they dine out, 37 percent said that when they go out to eat, “I want to eat
If you're a guy, then your underwear is changing. After over a decade of work in the men's underwear industry, I'm watching as guys finally toss aside bland basics in favor of new styles.
"A generation ago, health was about avoiding fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium in our diet. While those desires still exist
The world of "smart," or IP-connected television sets, is evolving on many levels from new paid Apps to advertising around