Reminder: Trump lost the popular vote and is not popular.
Rep. Frank Guinta As of June 30, Garrett trailed his Democratic rival, Josh Gottheimer, by $1.5 million in fundraising. He's
And did they even have a chance in the first place?
The future of the party is mostly white, mostly male and not particularly young.
Well played, sir. In a bid for most original April Fools' joke, the Chamber of Commerce went with the bold, "BREAKING: Obama
The 2014 midterm elections panned out to be the most expensive midterms ever, with total spending surpassing $3.67 billion
In a sign that the GOP may be concerned about one of its incumbents, the National Republican Congressional Committee released a television ad in Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District on Friday that ties the Democratic candidate to a convicted felon.
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called on the NRCC to take the ad off the air after it was released, accusing
The ad then charges that Rep. Rick Nolan (D-Minn.), who is being challenged by Republican businessman Stewart Mills, "voted
The latest ad from the National Republican Congressional Committee's independent expenditure arm stars a West Virginia coal
There is one arena in which misleading the public not only is abided but is the norm: politics. In fact, much of what constitutes political discourse in this country is now built on a foundation of dishonesty.
But there are things out there theoretically? Yes, a dinosaur-killing meteor could come out of space and that might change