The Republicans' Senate campaign is using James Comey's October surprise to pressure Democrats.
We had two Democratic debates and one Republican debate last week. The GOP one was shocking -- because nobody said anything shocking! Yes, that's truly how far the Republicans have sunk -- to the Sherlockian level of the dog not snarling in the night being the big news.
But Bittner's counterpart at the National Republican Congressional Committee, Andrea Bozek, suggested the attack was disingenuous
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Steyer has been used in attack ads hitting Democrats, much like the Koch brothers are being linked to Republican candidates
The National Republican Senatorial Committee sent an email Tuesday afternoon urging supporters to help it "fire Harry Reid
UPDATE: 4:15 p.m. -- In his primary, Roberts held off tea party challenger and ophthalmologist Dr. Milton Wolf by just seven
Asked if the Weh campaign considered the Foleys' request before deciding to use the footage, a spokeswoman told The Huffington
The National Republican Senatorial Committee went after Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) last year for being late to pay taxes
It was an insult aimed squarely at the SCF and its leadership, including executive director Matt Hoskins, a former DeMint
FP1 Strategies, one of the political consulting firms that helped Zuckerberg launch his immigration lobbying group in 2013
You're not saying this thing is on autopilot, are you? I don’t ever think anything is on autopilot ... The atmospherics are
Cecil added that the Democratic committee relies on the support of its donors to combat Koch-backed attack ads. Democrats
The Kochs have also been helpful personally to Moran and the NRSC, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics
“Across the country Republican Senate candidates are embracing a dangerous agenda that’s good for billionaires like the Koch
The campaign criticizes the Kochs for closing a refinery near Fairbanks and allegedly refusing to clean up pollution caused
With less than seven months until the midterm elections, the biggest challenge Democrats face isn't the Affordable Care Act or the President's popularity, it's the millions of dollars being spent by the Koch brothers' financed groups, most notably Americans for Prosperity.