The Republicans' Senate campaign is using James Comey's October surprise to pressure Democrats.
We had two Democratic debates and one Republican debate last week. The GOP one was shocking -- because nobody said anything shocking! Yes, that's truly how far the Republicans have sunk -- to the Sherlockian level of the dog not snarling in the night being the big news.
“As we enter the 114th Congress, I am thrilled to welcome so many dynamic Republican women to our conference and our leadership
The 2014 midterm elections panned out to be the most expensive midterms ever, with total spending surpassing $3.67 billion
The National Republican Senatorial Committee sent an email Tuesday afternoon urging supporters to help it "fire Harry Reid
Roberts was not helped by his campaign manager, who said after the primary that the senator was heading “back home for two
The National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is backing Weh, did not respond Monday when asked if the group would
"They found out earlier this month that that wasn't the case, and have worked with their attorney to satisfy the outstanding
Brat has had no problem raking in donations since his Cantor defeat, even securing support from former vice presidential
But there are things out there theoretically? Yes, a dinosaur-killing meteor could come out of space and that might change
The DSCC reported raking in $6.3 million dollars in April, as compared to its Republican counterpart's $6 million haul. The
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has been going after the Kochs' influence in recent weeks, labeling their actions
With less than seven months until the midterm elections, the biggest challenge Democrats face isn't the Affordable Care Act or the President's popularity, it's the millions of dollars being spent by the Koch brothers' financed groups, most notably Americans for Prosperity.