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Congress is set to tackle surveillance reforms for the NSA, but the question is how far will they go to protect privacy.
Moreover, 57 percent think data collection programs that sweep in Americans' phone and Internet data are "an unnecessary
Americans also remained opposed to the agency's sweeping data collection programs, with 53 percent saying they disapprove
A plurality of Americans -- 47 percent -- said that revelations about the U.S. tracking phone calls of foreigners living
The survey, released to The Huffington Post on Wednesday, finds significantly higher support for Snowden in Canada and the
But 58 percent of Americans said Obama is doing a fair (15 percent) or poor (43 percent) job of protecting constitutional
Polls say Americans are concerned about National Security Agency surveillance. According to a progressive group's survey
A plurality of Americans say that counterterrorism policies go too far in restricting civil liberties, revealing a massive change in attitudes since 2010, a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday showed.
Men, by a 54-34 margin, said that policies had gone too far, while women, by a 47-36 margin, said they had not gone far enough
Forty-two percent said that they believe the NSA programs include reading any American's emails without a warrant, compared
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Both surveys found that most Americans are paying relatively little attention to the story, which, as the Pew Research Center's