nsa reform

It may well be that legal limits on the government's investigatory powers are interfering with efforts to deal with genuine security threats. But if that's so, government agents themselves are at least in part to blame, because it's their historical overuse of "emergency" powers that necessitates the imposition of such limits.
When asked about Paul's actions, McCarthy said letting the Patriot Act provisions expire worried him. The Senate's delay
Specifically, critics of the current bill note that it does not prohibit the NSA from conducting “backdoor searches,” warrantless
“I certainly think we ought to allow a vote on the House-passed bill. If there are not enough votes to pass that, then we
But there's not much love for the military in Silicon Valley. Quiet battles between Washington, technology companies and
A House Judiciary Committee aide said Wednesday that a proposal from that panel is pending, but remains a work in progress
The federal government this week announced a reform to an investigative tool that gives the FBI sweeping surveillance power
"It has been some time since the Snowden relations, and frankly the rest of the world is watching the U.S. on this issue
The USA Freedom Act, which would have ended the NSA's controversial domestic call tracking program, died in the Senate earlier
"I'm watching the will of the people be subverted. Our representative democracy has been short-circuited with this omnibus