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After The Guardian and The Washington Post revealed the existence of the National Security Agency's secret surveillance programs
"For senators to complain that 'I didn't know this was happening,' we've had many, many meetings that have been both classified
Both surveys found that most Americans are paying relatively little attention to the story, which, as the Pew Research Center's
Proponents of the domestic surveillance say the metadata collected is minimally invasive and is not personally identifiable. But how hard is it to determine endless information about a person based on his or her phone number and location?
Dear NSA, It turns out that our handyman has been looking at gay porn on my laptop. Is there a way to correct your records? Name Withheld, Washington, D.C.
The book also asserts that while “no one doubts that injustices occur during emergencies, the type of judicial scrutiny that
(Watch the video above.) From his speech: After the Guardian revealed that the National Security Agency seized millions of
(h/t NY Times) The Times article, which focused on Greenwald's rise as a lawyer turned journalist, carried the headline, "Blogger
The Center for Democracy & Technology's Brookman said even those who go to great lengths to protect their privacy may end
The time has come for a deep, serious national debate on the balance between freedom and security. The president's spokesman
[Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Because why not?] "For over a decade, we've debated how best to protect America
Asked whether there was any functional difference between the two administrations, Paul replied "only that the sort of, the
WASHINGTON -- Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), one of the authors of the Patriot Act, said in a Thursday letter to Attorney
"I think it's quite probable, given the breadth of the Verizon order, that similar orders have been granted for all major
Another trend? Mad microbloggers threatening to cancel their Verizon plans. But subscribers to other telecoms shouldn't exactly
The Obama administration also defended the order on Thursday, referring to it as "a critical tool in protecting the nation
For years during the Bush administration, many groups fought against the Patriot Act and its illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens. They were horrified by torture and extraordinary renditions. They fought for the sanctity and protection of whistleblowers. Where are these people now?
HuffPost Senior Reporter, Zach Carter, joins Josh to discuss the secret court order that allowed the NSA to collect phone records from millions of Verizon customers.
While Gore is best known for his work on climate change, he has also expressed his concern about threats to privacy rights
The Guardian said the White House and the Department of Justice declined to comment for its story. NEW YORK (Reuters) - The