nuclear deal

The president seemed to drop the idea after top advisers warned that military action may ignite a broader conflict.
The new threat comes days after President Hassan Rouhani said the nation could push its uranium enrichment level to "any any amount we want."
The announcement indicated Iran's determination to break from the 2015 nuclear accord, which has unraveled since the Trump administration pulled America out.
The Russian president and North Korean leader exchanged views on the nuclear standoff, two months after Kim's summit with Trump ended in disagreement.
“We have to preserve this agreement so we don’t have to negotiate a new agreement,” the EU's energy chief said.
"It was pretty obvious that the speech had an audience of one," one expert said.
It looks like Trump took his fellow Republicans’ attacks on Obama’s Iran deal literally instead of seriously.
No matter who wins, it won't affect who really holds control in the country.