Nuclear Energy Institute

When The Washington Post reported earlier this month that President Trump appointed Daniel Simmons to run the Office of Energy
If the NRC's cost-benefit analyses were more in line with other federal agencies' calculations, electric utilities would have to make their nuclear plants safer.
Exelon's ultimate goal: Force Pepco's customers, including the people of Washington, D.C., to subsidize Exelon's expensive nuclear power plants in other states. D.C. residents have until May 26 to submit comments to the Public Service Commission.
The American Legislative Exchange Council, known for churning out industry-friendly legislation, received $10,000 from the Nuclear Energy Institute last year, according to a new tax filing obtained by the Center for Public Integrity.
But others said the reliance on the industry creates a potential conflict of interest. When workers finally checked the reactor
The nuclear energy industry has perfected its financial marriage of convenience with the government over the past decade. And with the perennial scare of energy source depletion, few in Washington will ever dare say no to it.
Today, the musicians and their environmental cohorts can still say that nuclear power has failed. But what's different is that the renewable energy industry has come of age.